How We Assist Your Company

With unclear vision to go anywhere, then we will be nowhere.

Put company superstructure first thing first: The mission, vision and values sometimes need to redefined, refocusing, and more important to be understood by all employee.

Two approach then built: business approach and cultural approach.

In business approach we help organization build its focus on strategy. Using Balanced Scorecard methodology, we help companies defined the corporate scorecard. Moreover, we experienced to align the corporate level scorecard to individual scorecard. Using what we called as Strategic Performance Management System.

In cultural approach, we help companies identifies the core values and competency directory related to each level and function.

We combined the aproaches to boost employee motivaton. The result termed as Competency-and-KPI-Based Performance Evaluation System. This system proven to be effective to increase empoyee productivity.

That was only a first step. What more important is to make sure that improvement program exercised in the heart of employee daily operational activities throughout the year.

To make sure that change management proces has long lasting impact, we also help companies build their very own manageable management system using policy deployment, control & monitoring system, and continuous improvement infrastructure.