Competence- Based Human Resources Management

Stop dreaming. Have a real initiative!

We can help you implement Competence Based Human Resources Management (CBHRM). From Competence Profiling to real implementation in HR function such Behavioral Based Recruitment and Selection, Behavioral Based Assessment / Potential Review, Performance Management, Competence-Based Training & Development, Succession Planning, and Reward Management.

We have experienced with CBHRM, that famous and most populer HR Management System, from concept to implementation.

From top management level to front line level implementation. From policy to worksheets implementation. From Mission-Vision to daily Standard Operation and Procedure implementation. With a sense of willingness to do more…

The CBHRM Matrix
Competency Matrix is a foundation of human resources management practice e.g. recruitment, training & development, people review, succession planning, promotion, and compensation. A good matrix competency can be a guide to detail the job item, evaluate the individual proficiency, set-up development program, and created succession planning. AIDA will assist your professionals to deliver a unique competency matrix for your organization.