About Us

Every organization has unique characteristics and goals. For that reason, we committed to designed solution programs that are suitable to the needs and purposes of the organization.

To optimalize the result, AIDA Consultant  offer to combine consulting, training and assessment activities to build the system and competency inside the organization be provided. We have a  firm commitment to assist organizations by improving the corporation hard-to-replicate DNA: management systems. And the most valuable leveraging factor: human resources.

Our Mission:
To be a consulting firm with proper long term solution means we aim to provide a proved over time solution, served the purpose, implemented and incorporated into our clients management systems.

Our Vision:
Partnership with organizations for a better business through developing company wide management system and employee competence means we are aware there is no such thing as “we can do all”, we can be your partner at what we best at: improving management system and employee competence.

Our Values:
Understand first, build trust, then respond the need with best effort through willingness to do more and best competitive values means our consulting activities are based on the idea of building a long term reationship with customers/clients