We Asssist Your Company  by providing  Consulting services on:

Competency Based Human Resources Management:

  • Job Analysis and Job Evaluation
  • Competency Profiling
  • Behavioral Based Recruitment and Selection
  • Behavioral Based Assessment / Potential Review
  • Competency Based Training
  • Succession Planning

Strategic Management Control System:

  • Building Your Company’s Scorecard
  • Building Corporate Culture System
  • Building Corporate Performance Management System
  • Building Policy Management / Deployment System
  • Building PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Action) Management System
  • Building Continuous Improvement System
  • Building Corporate Training & Development System

Other Consulting Services:

Employee Satisfaction Survey
Developing Training Matrix for Your Company
Refocusing Training Activities
Writing Training & Development Handbook
Open Multi Career Ladder Implementation
Establish Open Learning Center
Recruitment & Selection System Improvement
Assesment for Promotion


HR Standard Operating Procedure
Employee Handbook